The Foundational Model of Anatomy ontotogy is being developed as an integral component of the Anatomy Information System through which all projects pursued by the Structural Informatics Group (SIG) are coordinated. Members of the SIG are involved to different extents and in different capacities in the development of the FMA.

Primary Developers

Cornelius Rosse, M.D., D.Sc.,

Principal investigator on projects relating to
the Foundational Model of anatomy ontology

Jose Leonardo (Onard) V. Mejino Jr., M.D.,
Senior Scientist,
Project Director and Curator of Foundational Model of Anatomy Ontology

Augusto V. Agoncillo, M.D.,
Research Scientist,
Author of Foundational Model of Anatomy ontology

Richard F. Martin, Ph.D.
Research Scientist,
Neuroanatomist and author of Foundational Model of Anatomy ontology

Salvacion Nance Quimosing-Madarang, M.D.,
Research Scientist,
Contributing author of Foundational Model of Anatomy ontology

Technical Experts

Landon (Todd) Detwiler, B.Sc., MS (Computer Science),
Software Engineer
Development of software applications supporting the FMA (such as querying or browsing tools), FMA data entry automation, and FMA database maintenance

Joshua Daniel Franklin
Computer systems administrator

Former members and contributors:

Kurt L. Rickard, Ph.D.,

Peter Mork, M.S. (Computer Science),

Nathaniel Robinson, B.Sc. (Computer Science),

Ravensara S. (Raven) Travillian, M.A

Adriana Emmi, MD. PhD

Franz Calvo MD

Darren Stadler


James F. Brinkley, M.D., Ph.D.,
Research Professor
Database and system architecture; integration of the Digital Anatomist Foundational Model in the Anatomy Information System

Daniel L Cook, M.D., PhD.,
Research Professor
Ontology of Physics in Biology, Ontology of Biological Processes

Linda G. Shapiro, Ph.D.,
Professor, Computer Science
Computer vision, artificial intelligence, model matching

John H. Gennari, Ph.D.,

Assistant Professor
Biomedical and Health Informatics
Knowledge representation, ontology alignment