Accessing the FMA Ontology

The Foundational Model of Anatomy ontology is available under a
Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. It can be accessed through several mechanisms:

1. The latest OWL2 files are available at These can be viewed in the latest version of Protege.

2. The Anatomy taxonomy (At) component of the FMA has been incorporated in the National Library of Medicine’s Unified Medical Language System (UMLS) as one of its constituent vocabularies. In UMLS the FMA is known as the University of Washington Digital Anatomist (UWDA) vocabulary. The UWDA consist of the At and selected structural relationships (part-of, branch-of, tributary of). The UWDA can be accessed through the UMLS knowledge server. Current efforts are underway to incorporate the entire and latest version of the FMA into the UMLS.

3. The FMA is one of the knowledge sources available through the Query Integrator project, which allows access via saved SPARQL queries. The version of the FMA accessed by this server is updated once a week.

4. The FMA Browser project provides a web-based front-end to queries saved in the Query Integrator. This is the preferred means for casual users to look at the FMA. Note this browser supersedes the Foundational Model Explorer (FME), which still runs but accesses the last Frames version of the FMA, so is out of date.

5. The FMA is also available in Bioportal